Changelog, Issues, and Upcoming Feature List for
Version 0.24_beta
  1. Basic Info
    • Download this version: 0.24_beta
    • Previous version: 0.23_beta
    • Release date: September 12, 2006
  2. New in v0.21_beta
    • Corrected spelling of "Full Address" on pop-up
    • Moved status bar to the map
    • Added a heading for printing, and added a printing style that mainly just shows the map
  3. Known Issues: General
    • The Undo button doesn't work in all situations, specifically when de-assigning points
    • Cookie size limit prevents exporting of large amounts of data
    • The points frame can lose points if the points are dragged outside the container
  4. Known Issues: Browsers
    1. Firefox
      • Route info iframe doesn't scroll on drag.
      • Printing the map is not automatically landscape.
    2. Opera: none known
    3. Internet Explorer
      • Drag-and-drop is slow
      • Markers may not show up on print
      • Printing the map is not automatically landscape.
    4. Flock (on Mac)
      • Exporting fails for an unknown reason
  5. Planned feature additions
    • Eliminate POST-refresh of main page.
    • Inform users who block the pop-up that they should let the pop-up pop.
    • Export geocode information
    • Have more refined input possibilities
    • Hide the controls to just show the map
    • A link from directions to the first point of the active group
    • Complete external documentation
    • Complete internal documentation
    • Keyboard shortcuts.
    • Dynamically adjust the width and height of the points IFrame to adjust to components.
    • Adding route numbers and route order position in the pop-up bubble over points in browse mode.
    • Add a visual control in the map during sort to let the user know that we are sorting points.
    • Similar to above: move status bar to a control on the map
    • When scroll-wheel zooming is added to the Google Maps API, it'll be here too.
  6. Potential feature additions
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Movable region vertices
    • Have regions visually change when connected
    • Implement a more sophisticated auto-sort algorithm
  7. Thank you:
    • David Boyle for helping with alpha testing and moral(e) support.
    • Aaron Fracht-Monroe for his geocoding code.
    • Google for creating a great Maps API.
    • Emad Fanous for geocoding support.
    • Mash-o-matic for their icons.
    • Dean Edwards for his Javascript code.