Are you...
  • Tired of cutting walklists and highlighting maps for your volunteers?
  • Curious about how many volunteer-hours that could be used for canvassing are wasted as they shuffle pages and determine a route on-site?
  • Looking for an easy solution to your turf-cutting needs?
Fret no longer, now that you know about TurfCutterGM


  • Integrated into VAN. As of the 2007 election cycle, the voter file vendor VAN licensed TurfCutterGM and incorporated the technology into their software. Since then, TurfCutterGM has been abandonware; this webpage is maintained for posterity only.
  • Visualize your addresses on a map. With Google Maps, you can see your walklist points plotted on a map.
  • Geocode your addresses. Even if you don't have longitude and latitude attached to your data, thanks to Emad Fanous, you can still use TurfCutterGM. (Learn more).
  • Assign dozens of routes in minutes. You can draw boundaries around a group of points and assign all of them to one route with a few simple clicks.
  • Auto-sort your routes. Let the computer do the thinking and auto-order your route. The algorithm takes into account which side of the street addresses are on.
  • Drag-and-drop ordering. For fine-tuning the route, drag-and-drop multiple points at a time using an intuitive interface.
Getting Started: Simply click on TurfCutterGM or check out the user's manual or developer's documentation.

Note:The best web browser to use is Firefox; currently the program has only been tested on Windows. And you'll need to disable your pop-up blocker. (Don't worry: there are no advertisements.)